About Medekong Events

Medekong is a company created and managed by Sally and Andrea, two best friends for over 20 years, passionate about fashion, craftsmanship and authentic pieces, we had the idea of ​​celebrating and promoting local talents in Geneva.

Both having our own respective brands @ zhandumaya and @ bauhinia.ch , we aimed to highlight the craftsmanship, fashion, art and creativity that abound in the heart of Geneva.

We provide a platform where local creators can showcase their unique and extraordinary works to a curious and enthusiastic audience.

Our markets are unique and vibrant events that allow Geneva residents to discover authentic treasures produced by their fellow citizens. At Medekong, we believe in the power of community and in promoting local talent.

We create opportunities for local artisans and artists to thrive by showcasing their creations and connecting them with art and design enthusiasts.

Whether you are a talented creator looking to showcase your work or a craft lover looking for unique pieces, Medekong is here to provide you with an enriching and memorable experience.

Join us to celebrate local creativity in Geneva through our unique and inspiring events.