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1 day stand

1 day stand

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Prices & sales

The price for a day starts from CHF 90, depending on options chosen.

The participation fee includes:

- Market participation
- The sales space, the furniture made available
- Communication from organizers around the event

• The organization does not take any commission on the sales of the participant who is himself responsible for setting his/her sales prices and cash register.
• The participant is responsible for their stand, assembly, dismantling, security and the health measures to be respected in the space allocated to them.
• The participant undertakes to settle in and only use the space allocated to them.
• The organization is not responsible for the attendance of the event and the sales success of the participant.
• It is forbidden to share your stand. One registration = One stand = One participant
• It is forbidden to clear your stand before closing time and/or leave before closing.

Space & stand

• The participant is required to return the space in the same condition as they found it.
• In the event of damage to the equipment and furniture made available by the organization, he/she is
responsible for the replacement/reimbursement and repair of the latter.
• The organization declines all responsibility in the event of theft or damage to the stand or the equipment and property belonging to the participant.
• For the sake of fairness, a stand only includes a 170cm table and a chair OR two racks equivalent to the space provided.
• It is possible to rent an additional rack (max 2) to place vertically on the side of the stand
• It is not possible to modify the options chosen during payment
No other additional material will be admitted .

Participation & cancellation

• The organization reserves the right to select participants who meet the values ​​and spirit it wishes to convey, balancing the type of activities represented and within the limits of available sales spaces.
• In the event of non-compliance with the conditions of participation or if it considers that the behavior of the participant harms the reputation and/or the running of the event, the organization may terminate this registration with effect immediate.
• The organizer reserves the right to modify the conditions of participation, or even to postpone or cancel the event if circumstances justify it.
No refund is possible after registration unless the cancellation comes from the organizers.
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